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Classes and Tracks

A note from the organizers

Simple names are not sufficient to describe the tracks for this workshop. As we are not having auditions, we have put a lot of care into accurately describing tracks so you can place yourself appropriately. We have designed this workshop to be challenging, and want you to walk away from this feeling like it may have been a little too hard, rather than a little too easy.

While we have no auditions, in order to take the advanced track you must provide a recommendation from one of our guest instructors. If you know them well, you may put their name down in your registration, and they will confirm your placement. Otherwise, we'll have you spend a few minutes with one of our guest instructors during the Friday dance. They will ensure that you are placed in the right track for the weekend.

If you plan to take the advanced track, you must register by March 9th, 2010. The Advanced Track classes will not be available a la carte.

To see individual class descriptions, visit our Class Descriptions page, or download the PDF version.

Main Tracks

Begintermediate Lindy/Blues - Individual Class Descriptions

    Our Begintermediate track is for those who are already familiar with lindy hop. You routinely dance lindy hop on the dance floor, come to drop in lessons regularly, and are comfortable with the swingout and standard repertoire (inside turn, tuck turn, texas tommy, etc). You want to continue to smooth out your fundamentals, and to bolster your repertoire. You may, or may not have done blues before. For those new to blues, there will be a beginner blues class on the Friday to get you ready.

    This track is designed for those who aren't quite ready to move at the faster pace of the intermediate track, but still want to be challenged. You want to come away with more connected dancing, with the moves you know working better, and with a good amount of fresh material.

Intermediate Lindy/Blues - Individual Class Descriptions
    Intermediate track students have been dancing for a few years now. You travel to other scenes, and dance regularly with many people. You can transition between 6 and 8 count rhythm without thinking about it; it's just all part of the dance for you.

    Now you want to dig in to more of the good stuff. Moves that add fun and spark to your social dancing. You want to continue to get away from the 6 or 8 count patterns so you can dance with the music as well as with your partner.

Advanced Lindy/Blues - Individual Class Descriptions
    Counts, steps, triple steps? What are you talking about? There's just music! You find yourself doing things without thinking and they work, even when you don't know what they are. When you see a move you get the general idea pretty quickly, and just need to try it out. Or you can follow with your eyes closed, feel everything your leader asks you to do, and add to the dance. You also have a pretty good handle on the complementary role of leading or following.

    This track is designed to be challenging. It will push you to your limits so you can discover your own strong and weak points. After a class you will feel like you you were a little in over your head, and it will be AWESOME.


All elective tracks have one class each day.

Individual Class Descriptions

Begintermediate Charleston
Recommended levels: Begintermediate.

    This elective is for those who know basic side-by-side charleston to explore both moves and style. The first day will increase your repertoire of side by side charleston moves, so you jump up when the faster songs come on. The second day will introduce Tandem Charleston.

Tandem Charleston
Recommended levels: Intermediate and Advanced.

    This elective is for students who are already comfortable going in and out of tandem regularly in their social dancing. Increase your repertoire and improve your technique to make your tandem charleston more snappy, more effortless, and more fun!

Rethink your Dancing
Recommended levels: All Levels.

    This elective explores dancing and movement with your body as a whole. For many of us, dancing started with a specific pattern that emphasized one side of the body. This track will help you break out of the one-sided mold, and open up a whole new area to draw upon for inspiration.

Office Hours

All Levels Welcome.

    On Sunday from 4pm - 6pm, track class teachers will be holding office hours. This is your opportunity to spend a few minutes with the instructor(s) of your choice. Whether you want some personal attention on your swingout, or want to ask for clarification on something taught earlier in the weekend, now is the time! Music will be playing throughout office hours, and we encourage everyone to practice with each other when not asking questions.

    Office hours are only available to those who have registered for the full workshop or a Sunday Pass.

Private Lessons

A limited number of private lessons will be available with all of our instructors. For scheduling and other information, please e-mail jaz@jazdance.com.

The beatings will continue until swingouts improve